Friday, December 24

Where am I?

On Wednesday we had a very a-typical MDA experience. I had a blood draw at 8, then pulmonary, then chemo, and finally a meeting with support services at the end of the day. Despite budgeting the usual amount of time needed to GET to the hospital with traffic and what-not we got there early. So I did my blood draw and then went to see pulmonary, they saw me (on time) and then because we had almost 2 hours until chemo we thought we'd swing by Support Services (6 hours before my appointment) and see if they would see me early. They did (gasp) and we spent almost two hours there, which brought us right up to chemo time... which they started five minutes early. Since we were able to get everything in in the morning we didn't have to linger after chemo and so we went home. Things happening on time? Before my appointments? Where am I? It's an MDA Christmas miracle! A ten hour day turned into a seven hour day!

I have a scan next week to see how things are going on the inside. (Physically, not emotionally... can you imagine an emotional CT scan... heh) Also I have been cleared by pulmonary to fly, and my platelets this week were looking good.

That's about it for medical updates. Hey, I have a Christmas post/ request coming up tomorrow. Thanks team.



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