Monday, December 20

Short(end) commute

We had a free night stay at Best Western voucher, and a doctor's appoint so we decided to combine the two and stay by the medical center. We got a free stay, we enjoyed a night hanging out together, we got a free breakfast, and our drive to the doctor's appointment took a few minutes instead of the 40-50 minutes it would normally take. So despite having an "early" doctor's appointment we got to take it easy this morning. (We had to use the voucher by the 25th)

This stay was also the 10th stay in a Best Western this year for us! Which means we get "gold" status on our Best Western rewards card. I think it would be great if we could stay that many times next year, but for nicer reasons than driving back and fourth between two states.

Health wise I am exploring the limits of what my life looks like with the meds to manage side effects. I am eating more, or at least more consistently. (If not by volume at least by number of times a day/ week.)

Planning for our Seattle trip continues to progress. We look forward to seeing some of you!

Thanks for the continued prayers and support! Merry Christmas to you and your family as this battle in my body continues!



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