Saturday, December 4

Plates and Breakfast Dates

Last night I thought I might be well enough to go out to a function our class on Sunday held called, "Pizza and Pottery". Ultimately I am going to say I wasn't well enough to handle it, but Lisa and I painted a serving platter with the parrot painted on it. We'll see how it looks when we get it back. (And for the record - my modified taste buds DO NOT like Pizza Hut pizza.)

This morning we got up "early" (8:00ish) and went to a place called, "Mama's Cafe" where we had breakfast with some friends. It was nice because even though almost everything had eggs in it they were things that I would like to eat even WITHOUT eggs. (I had breakfast tacos) And after a delightful time of chatting and breakfast Lisa and I went and picked out some curtains for our bedroom. (Hazard of 3rd floor living is that the street light in the parking lot is very bright and no matter what our blinds are doing a lot of bright light comes in. Dark curtains will be the solution here.)

Lisa mentioned out Christmas tree dilema to a friend of her's and it just turned out that they had a spare 4 foot fake Christmas tree. So we got that the other night and will be rocking the seasonally greened PVC and lead tree. I think tree trimming and Christmas music are in our near future.

It's just after noon and I am ready for a nap!



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