Saturday, November 13

Closing Doors

Lisa has been working on getting the apartment more and more unpacked. We can actually close ALL of our doors now. (All three of them)

The house made it on the market this week. Prayers for a quick selling. (it's priced to move, a good 20k less than Zillow claims the place is worth!)

As you might have seen as well I went to the ER Thursday night/ Friday morning. I was having some strange radiating pains from my chest that went down my arms and up my face. Knowing that those are also heart attack symptoms I thought I had better not ignore them. (I know I am young but with everything I have been through a lot of the drugs I am on can have a lot of serious side effects for the heart, so even though I'm not even 30 yet it's something I need to keep an eye on my heart.) They did the typical run of EKGs, xrays, blood drawing and IVing. Good news, my heart is looking good. They didn't see anything to make them think anything was going on. So they gave me some pain killer (wooo, maybe a bit much at one time, man was I loopy) and that rapidly did away with the pain. They told me to keep taking pain killer as I needed to. Since then I haven't needed to.

Getting home at 4:00am though and having a hard time falling asleep (and getting a migraine) kept me in bed most Friday. Lesson learned: I am allergic to Zofram. Supposed to keep nausea at bay but instead I get a migraine. It worked for so many years, but not anymore. Today I am going to see if I can't be somewhat helpful in someway around the house.

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. Life continues!



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