Sunday, October 10


Since getting home from the hospital I haven't had a solid night's sleep. It's really wearing me down when I am trying to recover from something that took me down a couple of notches from the "low" I was already at. I think I figured it out though, the antibiotic I am taking at home to make the pneumonia go away seems to kick in about two hours after I get it and for some reason it keeps me from sleeping. So from about 1am to something like 3am I have been awake. Then I sleep like a log after that time.

I would have changed the time of the antibiotics but didn't realize this was causing the problem until more recently. Only two days left though.

Lisa continues to work on getting things ready for Colorado so it's kind of been like she's been working an extra job. I think she'll be glad when it's over and done with and we can work on making a single spot here in Houston something of a home for a bit. (I've been virtually useless except for the things I can do on the internet, as my stamina was hardly enough to make it to church this morning.)

We appreciate the continued prayers.



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