Tuesday, October 5

The Saddle Rides Again

Hey Everyone!
It is I, the original creator of this blog and somewhat responsible for the information contained herein. (Though how you use it doesn't make me responsible for it... unless you're making money off it, in which case it just might involve me)

I am back to writing. I have returned home again. Sorry for the hiatus. The little break was longer than I expected because 1. they kept finding new things wrong with me and 2. my little phone screen is not conducive to writing long emotive blog posts about the state of one's lower left bronchial tube. (Call my crazy)

In case you missed some of the action, that I tried to have Lisa keep up on: I have/ had pneumonia, I got two bronchoscopes: one proved nothing more than I needed another one, and the other got me a metal stint and a biopsy. (Which came up negative for anything "evil", or "malignant" as you might say more technically.) And somewhere in there my liver functions decided to go through the roof. Despite the fact that we are far from most folks we call friends and family Lisa did her best to be there every day and hang out with me a bit. We also had a friend show up to support us as well, which has been amazingly helpful to see Lisa get some uplifting despite everything she has to put up with through me. I love you Lisa and your piece of mind means a lot to me. I also will getting IV therapy at home to deal with the pneumonia problem for the next week. I hope I don't get too attached, I don't do chemo this way.

Now I'm back home which means plans for moving out of Colorado Springs continue!

Prayer requests:
1. Selling the townhouse: Despite the market I would LOVE to sell this thing and just get the stress of if off our plates.
2. Packing the townhouse: Lisa is going to head back and pack things up, sell things, have a garage sale, and decide what comes back down here with us.
3. Safe travels, I'll be without Lisa for almost 2 weeks, safe traveling for myself to and from doctor's visits and then for Lisa as she navigates Colorado by herself as well.
4. I stay healthy and well so that Lisa doesn't need to worry about mw while she is gone.

If you want to help out in any way with the above things feel free to ask. Lisa will be heading up Colorado stuff and I'll be trying to head up some stress(freeer) stuff here in Houston. Thanks!


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  1. marna spaulding2:49 PM

    We are happy to help Lisa when she's here. Just say the word. I'm pretty sure we can rally the troups also. Soo glad you're feeling better, Ben. Enjoyed Tuesday's blog-good hearing from you again!


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