Saturday, October 9


Since I last wrote a blog post I came up with three great ideas for new blog posts and, then filed them away in my head instead of writing them. But somehow despite that my head made the connection that I had already written those posts, so on I go with my life. Turns out this morning when I go to look at the blog I haven't updated it in a while. La Ooops.

A bit of an update: Tuesday, I got released from the hospital, went home very tired. I had planned on sleeping through Wednesday pretty much except I got a call at eight the following morning telling me that chemo was still on and to get in there at a decent time. So, despite the fact I had just spent ten days in the hospital we returned and spent just under eight more hours there on Wednesday. Returning once again and dreaming of sleeping a good part of Thursday. There was, however, a doctor's followup appointment scheduled for Thursday, and at the last minute they added a scan that I couldn't possibly have made it too which would have meant we would have had to wait easily an extra couple of hours, so I just threw down the gauntlet and said, no. No more hospital visits for me for a few days at least. Reschedule (they haven't), call me back (they haven't), and lets find a time where I haven't gone to the hospital 14 days in a row. They are good at what they do, but caring about people doesn't always seem to be high on the priority list.

Friday I had no threat of a visit to the hospital and had a nice relaxing morning, combined with a new friend who asked if I was interested in hanging out. Which I think might be the second time since being in Houston that I have hung out with another guy(s) without Lisa around. There is something freeing about being able to talk pure unadulterated technology theory with another person that is freeing.

We were looking at going out and doing something today, Farmers Market or some sort of local festival, but not sure with what we'll end up with. The weather here is finally something I would call bearable. (Which means you can be outside in it)

Medically I've been getting home infusions of an antibiotic to push the final bits of pneumonia away. Lisa gets to do all the exciting things that nurses generally do: access my central line, wipe ends of tubes down with alcohol, and (the best part) make your husband gag by injecting him with saline. Also because of the stint they have me on a nebulizer two times a day, kind'a ends up looking like I smoke a water-pipe two times a day.

In case you hadn't heard Lisa is heading back to COS here in a week or so to get our townhouse in order. Packaging things, selling things, and putting the house up for sale. If you want details of what we're selling or how you can help please contact one of us through the normal channels.

Thanks everyone for the continued support. My time in the hospital really messed up my sleeping schedule so sleep has been kind of elusive as of late.



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