Saturday, October 9


Vistors to the page will have noticed a slight change to the page, mainly in the tag-line.

Lisa and I have decided that since whenever we mention Houston and someone always says, "Hey, I have family in Houston!" that we have been called to be the "Family in Houston" for our families, who as far as we can tell, do NOT have family in Houston. (Until now)

Now when Lisa gets back from Colorado we'll make this official and change our driver's licenses and plates on the car. Though something tell me that isn't going to make me Texan.



  1. When you start saying or sayn' things like 'Ya'll' and 'Howdy' we will start to worry about you. Till then you won't be a Texan.

  2. ...or have long-horn steer horns on the front of your car...which, in your case, might tip your car frontwards.

    No, I'll be worried about you when you buy a Suburban.

  3. I've said "ya'll" for years, but now I've stopped. It feels phony.


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