Sunday, September 5

Wait'n and Ill'n

Thursday was the long awaited scan, and in keeping with the "long awaited" theme that MDA does so well, we have to wait a week for results. But that's ok, because a little more waiting without having a clue as to what life will look like after these results has become pretty par for the course this past year. I'm still alive. Waiting for results hasn't killed me yet. (I guess given enough time...)

Saturday we had grand plans for going out and running errands. I woke up with a headache that progressed into a migraine and I spent most of the day in bed. This morning, woke up with a post-migraine headache/ hangover thing and spent a good chunk of the day, you guessed it, in bed. Not typically how I dream of spending my weekends, but not getting sick(er) is the goal here, so I guess I have to take it lying down.

Lisa continues to get better as well, but not really at a pace that she is happy with. (This from the girl who typically stays in bed for 24 hours when she has the flu and is right-as-rain the next day) We spent the afternoon in bed being "sick" together. Between the two of us we sound something like a TB ward.

I hope all you out there in Reader Land are having a good holiday weekend. For those in the US, the rest of the world, well you can enjoy the fact that you most likely have more vacation days than we do here in the States.

I have a planned video update for tomorrow... we'll see if it happens or not. (Consider it a holiday special) Lisa's birthday is next weekend, we'll see what types of celebratory shenanigans we can get into. Thanks for the continued prayers for our health, safety, state of mind, and living situations. (Speaking of living situations, while we don't know what it going on with US until after Wednesday, I do know that we are loosing our renter at the end of September. Something we really need to have prayer for finding someone else who wants a furnished townhome is COS, or if we are coming back, OR if we need to head back up there and clear it out and rent it "professionally".)

Thanks a lot!


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  1. Man, we'd be there to rent in a heartbeat if we had jobs in the area.


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