Sunday, September 26

Pneumonia news

It didn't show up in the x-ray, but our persistent ER doc ran a CT scan which showed that Ben does have pneumonia in both lungs. Now we've found out that this could instead be a rare side effect from one of the drugs he has been treated with. No way to tell the difference at this point. In either case the treatment is the same: three [editors note: it's four] types of antibiotics through Tuesday. If Ben isn't improving he may need a bronchoscopy.

At least now he's in a private hospital room receiving fluids and pain meds so that his side isn't killing him.

Thank you for your prayers! And praise God for all the wonderful hospital staff who have helped Ben this time around.



  1. Sorry to hear about the pneumonia:( I hope the bronchoscopy helped the doctor to see what happening in Ben's lungs. We are praying!

  2. Aubrey3:23 PM

    Oh Ben! Oh dear. Thinking about you, and hoping this heals quickly.


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