Monday, September 6

Houston Rain

For those of you in Seattle where it ALWAYS rains I shot a little video today of the rain that Lisa and I experienced this morning as we were out a walking.

(FB users will need to visit the original post to see the video.)



  1. were out walking? But this is in the car...?

  2. We were out walking, but then we got in the car. It's much safer to whip out the technology when out of the rain.

  3. Sheli Morrell7:52 PM

    haha! That's CRAZY rain! Not the 'spitting' rain of Seattle : ). I suppose that made for an adventurous walk!

  4. When I see that kinda rain while riding my motorcycle I get REAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLY nervous.

    Glad to see life giving drops of Seattle goodness touch places like Houston. :-) Now if I only knew how to link videos I would put the one with Forrest Gump talking about the types of rain.


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