Tuesday, September 14


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I've been writing and re-writing this blog post for the past five hours and I am not really sure how to tackle this. I guess I am not very good at writing up blog posts about things that span several days where lots of things happened. (See the blog posts about my trip to France a year and a half ago... oh wait, you can't... I didn't write them.)

I think this is perhaps why taking pictures is more valuable to me during these times than trying to sum up four days of lots of things going on. I can talk about pictures but trying to hit details overwhelms me and makes me write not much about a whole lot.

This is what I will say: The cruise had a lot of firsts for me. Boats, food, mini-golf in 30+ mph wind, white sand and clear water, Mayan Ruins, wild iguanas, comedy club, and Lisa's 28th birthday. (Some might even joke that reading outside in the sun was a first)

The service was great from Carnival Staff members, my cruise-mates were more than a little strange, and the amounts of alcohol consumed onboard blew my mind. (I can't even drink that much WATER in a day, how do you suck down that much alcohol?) I kept hoping that the sampling of people on the cruise was not a single serving of what the USA is all about. I'm not going to say that cruising was bad, I think in a lot of ways it was a cheaper option for Lisa and I than staying in a hotel for the same amount of time and feeding ourselves at nice restaurants for three meals a day, plus a snack. Plus we didn't need to do that much planning. It came down to not really needing to plan a bunch of stuff that we got to do anyway. We had a good relaxing time. Lisa made a comment that this is the longest we have been on a vacation together since our honeymoon without family around. (We love you family)

I think it's something I would do on occasion, but I don't think you'll see me landing any "frequent flyer" discounts with a cruise line anytime soon. (Especially as most places you'd need to fly to to start the cruise, we just drove.)

I hope you enjoy the pictures because they tell a pretty good story about what we did. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Back on the chemo train tomorrow.



  1. Have you ever read the book 'A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again.' IIRC it covers cruises and you'd appreciate its perspective.

    (The book also has a hilarious account of playing tennis in a torndado that takes place in the town Steve and I went to uni.)

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I so agree with you on the amount people drink! On our cruise, it seemed like the goal people had was to see how wasted they can get each and every day. I don't get it because by the end of the day (or next morning), they feel horrible and they end up fighting with whoever they came with. Also agree with Carnival, LOVE them! Glad you had a great time!

    Will Lee


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