Monday, September 20

Fingers for the win

On Saturday when we learned we'd need to be moving out we told everyone, asked for prayer, and hit the internet. Three apartment websites (, and, two shared Google Docs, and an exhaustive spread sheet later we had a list of nine apartments we wanted to visit. Which after hitting quickly turned into three apartments, and after visiting the first one, the third one on the list was ruled out due to parking issues, and so we checked out option number two. Almost identical as option one, but further away, and it cost more.

So we spent hours and hours on Saturday and Sunday working the internet and praying and we only had to view two apartments today. We have a winner. (Well, assuming our application goes through, but I really don't know why it wouldn't.) We'll be the proud renters of a "Lone Star" model on the 3rd floor (40 steps) of an apartment complex called, "Yorktown Crossing". Once again Lisa and I spent a lot of time looking at kitchens (like when we were buying a house) and the other parts just kind of fell into place. As you can see from the link above, the apartment is 716sqft and is pretty much open from the kitchen straight across the apartment. Additional bonus (minus 40 stairs) will be no one will be making noise above our heads! We're on the top! Wooo! We've also put our name in to get a garage as well which will bring the total cost up to about what we were paying on the townhome before we moved down here.

Thanks for praying with us. The next step is Lisa going back to Colorado Springs for a few weeks to pack stuff up (I would, but 1. Planes would most likely make me pretty sick and 2. platelets are still too low to fly.) and get the townhouse in a state to sell. (If you want to buy a townhouse in COS let us know, could be real easy...) We'll be selling, donating and packing up a lot of stuff we won't need in a one bedroom apartment, and moving it down here.

Please continue to pray for the process: 1. Lisa moving stuff, 2. Townhouse selling and 3. I continue to heal and tumors continue to die. Thanks for the continued support!


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  1. It is a pretty amazing story. So many details and God provided for each one. Living on faith is so much easier said than done. I'm sure you know that better than most.


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