Thursday, August 12

Thin pointy bits

Something that has been completely unavoidable since getting cancer has been the needles. When I stated the trip down this road I couldn't get blood drawn without coming very close to, or even, passing out. They had to bring me into another room and lay me down. I'd get really pale and shaky. Then the number of times I got stuck got to be higher than I could keep track of, and now getting blood drawn, or having an IV put in is fine. It still hurts, sometimes like crazy when they have to go "digging", but you won't find me on the floor, unconscious. The thing that still gets me however is seeing my own blood.

Which leads me to a new adventure I am going to have to go through in the next couple of weeks and months. Checking my own blood pressure. I am "pre-diabetic" right now with the drugs I am getting so they are having me watch my blood sugar level. Which means I have a little spring loaded needle that I get to jab myself with and make my finger bleed. They had me try this yesterday and I'm not going to lie. I got woozy. The room spun a bit.

I am also having to overcome my whole, "I don't swallow pills" thing. My cholesterol is high which means I get to take two pills a day now instead of just one.

For those of you that didn't see we ended up spending 14+ hours in the hospital yesterday. 7am to past 9 pm. We got home and crashed into bed. We're both pretty tired today as well. (This morning Lisa spent an hour on the phone with the insurance company to ask a simple question.) I think we'll take today slowly.

Food update: I had said before that I was going vegetarian. Well, a slight drawback in my plans: It appears nothing I do food wise really helps the cholesterol situation right now. It's medically induced and no matter that I eat it doesn't come down on it's own without me being off the drugs. So I will have to take the meds to control the bodies reaction to the drugs. As I am also having a weight gain issue, they have suggested I not limit my diet right now to strictly veg. So it looks like I'll be HAVING to enjoy meat. (They did say that Salmon and Tuna are a good way to help though) So, while I don't "do" fish either, it looks like three serving of fish a week are in order as well. (What was I saying about new things up there? Hmmm)

To abbreviate: My side effects are minimal, continuing with all the topical stuff for my skin. I have been approved to start round 2, and will be doing a PET scan middle of September to see how it's been going. (My voice is still hoarse)

Thanks for all the prayers and support!



  1. I like horses, but not in my son's throat. Hope that leaves soon.

    Try halibut. I can get that down, as long as I don't think of it as fish. It's pricey, though. (The insurance company should pay you an extra food allowance right now...)

    Pre-diabetic--are you supposed to eat in a special way for that?


  2. The next time you're with us you will be treated to Marvin's delicious grilled salmon. I'll ask him to do the version with peach mango's yummy! If you need to do fish I would suggest you try grilling it with lots of different sauce variations. A basket on the grill is the way to go. It's not easy to get halibut here but Sam's club has a fairly good selection of fresh frozen fish that is just fine grilled and not too expensive. Be careful with tuna too many times a week...mercury can be a problem with any large fish.

    I would bet your pre-diabetes thing has much more to do with the chemo or tumor's affect on your pancreas than with diet. Monitoring your blood sugar just lets them know if they need you to take another pill or shot.

    It's piling on. Please know you're in our prayers...and in our hearts. Lisa too. We love you guys. And approved for round 2 is good news!


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