Monday, August 30


Yesterday was a pain marathon. First was the pain in my side from who knows what. Feels like I did something to my ribs (sneezing? Sitting strange for hours? Coughing?) but I don't really know what that is. Following that I picked up a migraine (I KNOW that source. The weather swooped in and changed pretty quickly. My head didn't stand a chance.) So, a little frustrating yesterday, but honestly it was a Sunday and it's not like I had to be anywhere or answer any emails. I've kind of learned though that following a whole day of doing something (Saturday) I am very likely to be out almost completely the following day. You'd think this would improve with time and getting away from heavy chemo, and who knows, maybe it will, but so far I haven't seen any change in the way my body seems to react to being out and about and social all day long. I should probably watch that.

Food update: My blood sugar seems to be something that I can somewhat control with what I eat. The upside to controlling my blood sugar with what I eat is that my taste buds have been slightly effected by the chemo these past few times and sweet things have taken on a very salty taste. No one else seems to notice so I assume it's just me. (This is also saving on the money we spend on salt!) So my desire for sweet sugary things has scaled way back as they taste funny. The plus side being I don't eat sweet much, so my blood sugar doesn't soar as high.

Cholesterol wise I didn't see last week's numbers but they gave me a reduced dose of the stuff that was causing the cholesterol to climb and last week they didn't give me any of that. We'll see this week what it looks like.

Thursday I have my scan. I won't get any kind of update on that until the following Wednesday.

Oh, Saturday we were invited to a game day where the guys played a game called Twilight Imperium. It took us at least 4 hours to get through and in the end my poor race of turtle people were pretty much refugees from their home planets. It was entertaining enough though (the rule book is over 40 pages) and I got to meet some new people. Not a complete loss. This however most likely lead to the situation in paragraph one. I'll need to watch that.

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers and support. Lisa is still coughing like crazy and is headed off to see the doctor later today. Hope everything is well with you all!


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  1. You know the first thing I thought of when I heard "Twilight Imperium" was the popular tween book series recently made into movies. For a SPLIT second I thought you were playing a game based on the book series. For that I am so sorry I should have known better and never doubt not even for a second.

    In other news have they released all those Wheel of Time books yet? I saw they now have ebook versions of most if not all of them but I don't have the heart to check and see if they have actually finished everything yet.


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