Thursday, August 5

A more friendly update

The last post was a general email I send out to a group of folks every-so-often and I am never really sure who it will get forwarded to, so I don't put in too much you probably have't heard/ seen/ read before. (Which IS kind of funny as I write this website like a personal letter to all of you, and yet it's far more public than that email might ever be.)

Yesterday we were at MD Anderson for about ten and a half hours. The quote of the day had to be from the guy who draws my blood: "The vein is really quite juicy, but it is so deep! See I have the needle all the way in!" No thanks, I'll be reading the "Call, don't fall!" poster on the wall instead. Wednesdays have turned into "Ben's fix of the food network for the week". I sit down to chemo and the food network comes on. (In a couple of cases it has already BEEN on in the room when we walk in. It's like someone is taking notes...)

Following the treatment we went to Houston's "Shakespeare in the Park" presentation of "Much Ado about Nothing", which was set in New Orleans post civil-war. Interesting setting, and hearing Shakespeare with a heavy southern accent is something new. (You have no idea how glad I was they weren't doing MacBeth. I have seen that play far, far too many times now.)

No plans to speak of this weekend. Last weekend we went to visit my friend Adam's wife's aunt and uncle who live south of Houston in "League City". I thought the name sounded like something you'd read in a comic book. Like where the super hero lived or something... "Meanwhile unbeknownst to our hero, Dr. Nefarious was making good his escape from the League City prison!" They are great people and seem to enjoy food as much as/ more than Lisa and I do. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them! We were also taken on a driving tour of Galveston. Interesting little town... I can see why it would be in danger if a hurricane were to roll through. Lot of water, and not a lot of hill.

We're getting involved in a church here. We don't know if we're too keen on the Sr. Pastor (it is a large church) but he's on sabbatical for a bit, and the class we have been going to is really great. People here ARE more friendly than Colorado, and WAY more friendly than Seattle. It's an interesting change, I understand why people would call Seattle "cold" socially when compared to a place like Houston.

We continue to appreciate your support and prayers. We'll keep the updates coming!


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  1. I tell ya, "they" (the people that think Seattle is cold) have never been in California! At least we look before backing up our cars...


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