Thursday, August 19


The MD Anderson main clinic is a drastically different world from the clinic across the street, connected by a very long skybridge. The Mays Clinic is like a breath of fresh air and feels completely different from the other building. The other day when I was looking at my schedule I was wondering, "Why on Earth did they schedule me so far away from the main building in the Mays Clinic?" I felt like I had been exiled across the MD Anderson campus. Well, if this is exile, then consider me banished!

First, parking was better and cheaper. Then the blood draw was the best I have had at MD Anderson to date. Then their Cafe (the Waterfall Cafe) has better food. The whole place is amazingly quieter and while I would say something like more "laid back" in general we spent only seven and a half hours there as opposed to the average 12 we've been doing in the main clinic. I'm a fan. (The rooms we staid in also had a TV with a DVD and a VHS player, as opposed to the ceiling mounted 12" TV that might or might not work.)

It was a less stressful day and thus I feel like it didn't take as much out of me as when I do the other clinic. I think I might drop a bug in my scheduler's ear about how I like the Mays clinic better. Even if I have to walk between the two I will. I think the defining moment for me was when I checked into my proper place 2.5 hours early they actually made use of that time. They took my vitals, they accessed my port AND got me into a room 45 minutes before my appointment time. Amazing? Yes.

I have a PET scan coming up here in a few weeks. (September 2nd) And we shall see what is going on inside of me. (Or a digital representation of what is going on inside me.) I had a dream last night that the scan came back "black" in the places where my cancer is at. Which means that the tumors weren't drawing anymore sugar, which means complete tumor death. I don't know that I've ever had a dream about the status of my sickness in a dream before.

Your continued prayers are appreciated!



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