Thursday, August 5

General email update

Hello Everyone,
Things have been going pretty smoothly in the "cancer treatment" arena. I just completed my 4th treatment and next week starts "round two". After "round two" they'll scan me and we can see what it's been up to. (At which point we'll have a better idea if we are staying in Houston or going back to COS to try a new treatment.) I am looking forward to seeing the results. I have been feeling great, despite the low platelets and higher than normal cholesterol.

The past two weeks they have held the second of the two drugs I get as my platelets were too far depleted. By next week I imagine I'll be back on track to getting both drugs again. Side effects seem to be mostly related to my skin. The stuff seems to do really strange things to my facial skin so they have me on several topical things to keep the effects to a minimum. I also have to shave every other day at least as my facial hair burns when it gets too long. (explain that one!)

Many thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. I can't fly when my platelets are as low as they have been and bleeding is just out of the question, so I have been avoiding both knives (sad) and planes (not so sad). Feel free to pass this message along!



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