Tuesday, July 6

Yes, I was in the EMD

Yesterday afternoon my shoulder, back, arm and neck started (right side) started to hurt so much that I was becoming effectively useless around the house. Being as I couldn't reach my doctor I decided that it was time for a trip to the ER to see if they couldn't straighten me out. When i walked in there was a line of people to talk to the checkin nurse, and then I would say about 60% of the seats were sat in. I was expecting a rather long wait. However cancer + sharp pain in my chest seems to be a winning card combo and I didn't even get a chance to sit down before I was ushered into the back. They gave me an EKG (no heart attack!) and a few other tests, and then a room freed up and back I went. The funny thing is that after the nurse threw the gown thing and at me told me to put it on, the next person I saw was the doctor. (jaw drop) You generally get 2 or 3 more nurses and repeat more of the same stuff to all of them, and then the doctor comes in and you pretty much tell him the same stuff you just told the nurses. In this case I talked with the doctor, he asked me what tended to work for my pain and what other things he could do to help. Amazing doctor, and seemed like a fascinating man. One of those older guys that I would love to sit down with and just hear about his work and how he got there.

I was in and out of there pretty quick (for ER standards) they diagnosed me with "costochondritis". In short, inflamed cartilage between the ribs and the breast bone. Stress can bring it on, and coughing will make it worse. I was told to take some of my more power pain meds before bed at night to calm the coughing and to lessen the pain so I could sleep soundly.

Worked like a charm last night. Won't be taking this when I drive... you know, tomorrow morning when we leave! AHHHH, I think perhaps t just struck home.

Thanks for your payers!


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  1. In the devotional Streams in the Desert, I was struck by the entry I read this morning. The verse referenced was Hosea 2:15 where it says that the Lord will give the valley of Achor (or, trouble) as a door of hope. I was reminded of you guys. Through pain God gives hope. As always, our hope is in the Lord, not in this trial drug, but it is definitely a time of hoping (or waiting--synonomous Biblically speaking) to see what God has in store for you guys in Houston. May what seems like a less than desirable place to be turn into the most refreshing move of your lives!



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