Friday, July 9

We have arrived!

Lisa: "Oh yeah!"
I ended up driving over five hours the first day from Colorado Springs to Amarillo and then ALL day from Amarillo to Fort Worth. I wimped out and didn't drive at all today. I am glad we only packed what we could fit into the, errr, Fit. If we had rented a U-haul then we would have taken more stuff, and more stuff would have meant more to unpack, which I would have been almost worthless with. As it was I kind of helped move some stuff around when we got here, but not a huge amount. Lisa, in typical Lisa fashion, has almost everything unpacked already. It's a nice place that we are staying. We haven't done the drive to the medical center yet, so we'll see how that goes. (A big thanks to the Blansfords (and the Irby's for hooking us up) for letting us house sit)

Speaking of medical center (ooo, check out that segway) I have appoints setup for all next week. Monday is "test day", where I get blood taken out of me, and more radiation put into me than most normal people get in a year... or two. (Aside, the directions specifically say to avoid pregnant women and young children under 5 for at least 24 hours after because of my "hotness". (Radioactivity that is.)) The next day I have a meeting with a Dr in the afternoon. Then on Wednesday they are most likely going to be starting my treatment. At 5pm. I guess with all the people they have getting treatments around here it's a pretty busy place. Which means I'll probably be at the hospital from 5pmish to 9 or later on Wednesday. BUT it does sound like I am starting on Wednesday, no matter how late it seems. So you and I will get to see how the side effects go the rest of the week.

Being one hour ahead of you Pacific Coaster's wasn't enough for us, now we're TWO hours ahead of you all. So as I write my blog entries in the mornings or evenings they should be more accessible to you all now... in almost REAL time. Tomorrow we are headed out to a game day where I am going to (this is going to get me some Google hits) engage in a six plus hour board game (Twilight Imperium) and Lisa is going to make social with the wives of the guys I will be conquering. (Ok, that was smack talk... I don't intend to win, but be closer to cannon fodder most of the game.)

Some prayer requests: That Lisa and I get some much needed sleep, that the "chemo" wil be effective (yet at the same time do the whole "less side effects" thing that was advertised.), that Lisa and I (especially Lisa) will be both able and be provided with plenty of work to do, and that we make friends and connect with people here in the Houston area.

It's all both exciting and kind'a scary at the same time... thanks for the support! Stay tuned, plenty more to come! (Well, I guess I can't promise that. Lord willing, there will be plenty more!)



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