Sunday, July 4

Stress (and you!)

As you can imagine getting the notice that you need to move 1000 miles away a week and a half before you need to move 1000 miles away can be a little stressful. As you have probably noticed we got that call last Monday and are looking at a Wednesday AM departure. (down the 25 again for the 3rd time in 30 days) Only this time carrying a lot more "stuff" than we've had before. It looks like we might have found a renter (confirmation on that this afternoon) and we are wrapping stuff up here in the homestead for the time being. It's strange to be moving somewhere temporarily like this. It's going to be a strange experience all around I think.

Back on track, you might have seen it, maybe you didn't, but the other day I made the connection that stress's effects on the body feel a lot like chemo side effects. (Just multiply by four for chemo side effect feeling) Which leads me to believe that stress is probably just about as good for you as chemo is. I wanted to share that with all of you.

We'll be hanging with some friends this afternoon and then tomorrow is "super packing/ cleanup day" and then some more friends in the evening, and then Tuesday is finalize packing, swing by OC, see the doctor again, pack up the car, and go to bed. Then Wednesday is COS to Amarillo, TX. (I will have seen Amarillo three more times than I really ever planned on seeing Amarillo.)

Not sure what the internet situation will be over the next week, so I'm not sure how updated this blog will be, but some prayer requests: Safe travels, protection for the car (both in driving and in not getting things stolen out of it), wisdom for the doctors I will be encountering, healing for me (both in the short term (still don't have much of a voice) and in the long term with these trials), Lisa staying healthy as well, and that we connect with new folks in Houston and don't find ourselves inside the place we are staying weeks at a time without seeing people.

Thanks team!



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