Tuesday, July 13

Niko's new friend

Also know as our soon to be "Proxy Pet". The place we are staying is
the parent of some friends of friends of ours, and they live down the
street. Tonight we were invited over for dinner, and walked. This is
their dog Paisley. Who we might take care of a bit and who Lisa might
walk on occasion.

The doctor kind of freaked out a bit this afternoon when we told him
we had a parrot. He was like, "Your dogs MOUTH is cleaner than a
parrot's foot." While I am sure that is the case for wild parrots, and
Niko's feet probably aren't crazy clean, they probably aren't little
talons of death. Lisa does all the parrot cleaning and general
maintenance anyway just to be sure, and I am getting pretty conscious
these days about hand cleaning before and after handling pets. PLUS we
went through the whole chemo last time, which is supposed to be harder
on my system, and I was fine.

We'll see how it goes. I had to read over the four pages of "this is
how you MIGHT die" text today. Four pages, three columns. Lots and
lots of side effects. A lot of them having to do with my liver.
Culminating in "sudden liver failure". It's vague stuff, "This might
help you." to "This might not help you." to "You might die from this."
And of course I think I read it like seven times, "You will not be
compensated for your volunteering to help with this study."

Also it's funny how some doctor's have more of a personality than
other doctors. It seems like MD Anderson keeps the high ranking people
without much personality and train the lower ranking ones with great
personalities and then send them out into the world. I can only
imagine what Director's meetings are like.

Thanks for the prayers! The new stuff starts tomorrow!



  1. What a cute puppy!!

  2. Yes, we get to dog-sit in a couple weeks! Also, there are two very small children in this household, so the dog hardly ever gets walked - we're going to "help" out with that:)

    "A dog laying in the sewer is cleaner than a bird's feet!"

    Also - "parrot" was pronounced "pirate" by this doctor, which I thought was funny

  3. Where was the pirate doctor from?

    I have a terrible time believing that Niko's feet are dirty than my dogs at ANY given time!!! That's craziness. Or a dog's mouth, for that reason....I know what goes in there...

  4. I've heard that dogs have saliva that kills germs. Not so sure about their feet though!

    Niko's been trying to convince us that his feet are clean, but he has no proof.

    Ben says the "pirate" doctor was from Colombia.

  5. I believe I have heard that the dog saliva thing is a wives tale. Industrial lubricant, maybe--saliva killer...I really doubt that. After Ky licks out a dish, it is actually hard to wash his saliva out. It's thick stuff....hmmm...maybe it kills cancer!


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