Thursday, July 1

Houston Hides

It's kind of funny. You Houston folks, or people who have family in Houston, really come out of the woodwork when the "chips" are down. (And for that we are grateful) It's kind of funny we've already had more dinner invites, and church invites than the first three months of living here in Colorado Springs. The weather might be nicer here, but so far Houston has the more welcoming group of people. (A good amount of whom we have yet to actually meet in person.) Thank you all for your generosity.

And to the Colorado Springs folks who keep asking us how you can help, sorry we don't have much or anything tangible right now, but you can continue to pray for our trip, the treatments, and that God will continue to use us, no matter where we are. (People outside of COS can pray for those things too...)


1 comment:

  1. Yes, we have a decent amount of things to do before leaving, but they all seem to be things which require our personal attention or presence


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