Monday, July 19

Feelings (or side-effects)

"Side effects, nothing more than side effects..." Hmmm, don't think that is the way the song goes. I realized this morning as I was getting emails and questions about my health that I hadn't said anything in a while.

I am keeping a "health journal" (now that I am a science experiment) so I probably get all my stuff out there and don't mention it here. But I would guess that is mostly why the 500+ of you check in here.

I had a headache (migraine class (Aside: isn't it great how I have classified all my types of headaches? (mild headache, headache, heavy headache, MSG headache, mini migraine, migraine, and super migraine.))) pretty much all day long. I was pretty useless. Sunday we went to a different church and I was feeling pretty good. My coughing has reduced, but my voice still is pretty hoarse. Having a conversation with anyone in a semi-loud room is almost impossible. (Especially as I try and get louder)

Since last Wednesday the only side effect(s) I can possibly detect were the dizziness the day of and after the "chemo", and then since the dizziness disappeared my tongue has felt like I burnt it, but I haven't had anything that hot since getting the drugs, so I am thinking that it is a side effect. (Either that or it is a side effect of brushing my teeth and using mouth wash more than three times a day. (keeps "Thrush" away))

Another potential "side effect", but I am not sure, is that I have been very tired since last Wednesday. I would classify "fatigue" as not having the energy to do things (and stuff), and while I feel like I have the energy I am actually sleeping more and taking naps in the middle of the afternoon and then sleeping again at night. Even when I was on chemo before I didn't sleep that much or even during the day. Now I am dragging myself out of bed at 9:30am and making myself work. (after 11 hours of sleep) Maybe the healing process just needs me to rest more often. (Crazy as I am not a big fan of sleeping. Which is why one of my favorite books is about genetically engineered children who don't need to sleep.)

Pretty minimal in the side effects department so far. Here's hoping and praying that the side effects remain few but the effects (as they are intended) are great.

I appreciate your continued support and prayers. We're continuing to try and find a place here in Houston... even if it is only temporary. (But one ever knows) We go where God wants us to be, and so far that has been a lot more crazy than we could have imagined.

Lisa and I were talking over the past few years (well, five) and were talking about how we NEVER would have expected to be in Houston, much less anywhere in Texas, and how Colorado was even a bit of a surprise. We haven't been able to say what life (God) will bring us, or take us, but it has been interesting looking back... and far different than I ever could have guessed at or written.



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