Thursday, July 1

Another Post about H-town

I was trying to get to sleep tonight and our 85 plus degree room was preventing that so I was growing introspective and thought I would turn that into a blog post.

Everyone who has seriously considered missions in their Christian life has at one point or another probably said something like, "Use me Lord... but please don't send me to _____________" (The running joke would be something like "Africa" or "Mexico".) I realized tonight that Houston is our Africa. I would say that Colorado Springs is a pretty cushy assignment and there is little here to really complain about. Houston... well, I think after our first visit there (Oncologist and Planes notwithstanding) we were pretty sure we didn't want to spend much more time there. Send us anywhere God, just don't send us to Houston. And, much like the punchline to the "Don't send me to Africa or Mexico" joke, we'll be ending up there.

Though our, what feels like, a plummet into this new place and situation has been softened by friends connecting us up with friend and family members. We've already been invited to a few meals, and at least three churches with people we have yet to meet. In some ways I am very excited about the prospects of this trial. Highly positive effects with minimal side effects. I can't help but have a feeling though that there is more to this temporary move than just trying more medication for me. From my experience however God never really seems to deal in singular things. There is no ONE "Why did I get sick", there is no singular answer to the question, "Why did we move to Colorado?". While I am sure you and I would like AN answer, the workings of God on our lives are many tiered. Some we will be able to see, and many we cannot. I know that is running into trite territory, but it's true. I think though that as difficult as that is to swallow sometimes, that it adds depth to our lives.

For instance I was thinking about this a bit last night and if we had never moved to Colorado Springs, we probably wouldn't have ended up in Houston, especially not the first time where I met the guy who is kind of working in my position right now at OC. He and his wife had a friend come to mind and helped us get in contact with the place we'll be staying for at least the first couple months we are in Houston. Plus I have seen growth in my life because of where I am at with cancer treatments, and I have seen a lot of growth in my temporary replacement's life as well. Many layers, and interconnections. There is no way we could have gone about bringing them all together, and there is NO way I would have chosen cancer as a means to make this all happen.

I guess I find myself awake tonight marveling at the complexity of God in my life.


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  1. Hmmmm....Lord, please don't send me to Switzerland! : )


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