Thursday, July 22

Angry Reindeer Update

Robert of the Seattle, Washington via Facebooks asks: "Hey Ben, when do you get to work with the raindeer?"

Good question Robert and I am glad you asked. I discovered upon further investigation that the trial I am in is using what is refereed to as "Micro-Reindeer-isms". They take normal sized Reindeer and shrink them down. (You might remember the process as made popular by the classic movie: "Honey I Shrunk the Reindeers") Once they are all good and shrunk they mix then with the special "catalytic reindeer anger" formula (patent pending) and then infuse it into me. The Reindeers then battle the cancer and all I have to do is suffer the side effects. (Which are less than the full sized Angry Reindeer side effects.) This is a more targeted Angry Reindeer therapy. It's really quite exciting what Science and Reindeers are doing these days.

Thanks for asking. Always happy to give an update where I can.


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  1. You are the #1 hit when I google "science and reindeers"


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