Wednesday, July 7


Fyi Lisa and I made it to Amarillo safely... if you can consider Thai food in Amarillo safe.

I was thinking this evening that during the course of our almost five years of marriage we have come up with a few fake country songs while we are on long trips. This started out with the classic, "you can hold my shift'n hand" on our honeymoon. There was another one... something like "red, white, and" something punch-liney. Tonight culminated in my personal favorite so far: "47 song to Amarillo (and you)". As you can probably tell most of our fake country song dwell on the lonely, solo life of the trucker.

At the rate we're going you can expect to see a cd from us in about 15 years! Stay tuned.

Thanks also for the prayers and support. I put in mote than 5 hours behind the wheel today, which is a first in a very long time. I hope to do it again tomorrow as well. Prayer request: my chest and arm still hurt a lot, the drugs did a LOT for the pain but leave me feeling pretty sick for about 24 hours afterwards... so not taking them on this trip. Also Lisa has had trouble falling asleep in the evening.

Thanks team. Scan next Monday and Dr.'s apt on Wednesday.



  1. Yay for driving! I hope you guys thumbed your nose at the "Western" in whatever town that was near Amarillo. :-)

  2. On a long dark drive from Dallas to Houston, back in 03, we heard these (really we did) country song lyrics on the radio: "If my nose ran money honey I'd blow it all on you." It nearly caused a serious accident (not a traffic accident as there was NO traffic).


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