Saturday, June 26

No word yet

Last week came and went and no word from "the anderson" (I think it's actually shorter to just type MD Anderson than giving it a nick name like that. Hmmm) on my trial. My guess is that they probably know BUT were busy and didn't get around to picking up the phone. Hopefully I'll hear something early next week. I guess we'll bug them if we don't hear anything on Monday. We gotta know if we are moving or not. I have to admit the alternative (staying here and getting a stronger dose of chemo and radiation) does not thrill me at all. HOWEVER, God is in control (thankfully) and not me. Which means He knows what is going to be best for me long (and short) term. I know which way I would like things to go though. I'd kind of like to try to "remarkable results for your type of cancer" route.

I think I mentioned earlier that we hit some tire rubber in Kansas and it put a big dent in our bumper (oh excuse me, bumper LINER... looks like the bumper to me.) and tore up the lining under the car as well. Total damage came to almost 900 dollars. Insurance will cover about 400 of that for us by the look of it. So a little more pricey than we had expected. Despite the nice motel my interest in Kansas is waning quickly. (It was on a toll road no less! We had to pay $1.70 for the privilege of getting our car torn up! First time ever that we have hit something on the road that did damage to our car, and it's on a toll road.) We are all safe though, so that is a plus. At least we didn't hit the semi it came off of or something like that. I imagine that would be a lot more work than what we have. And we were told that we were "lucky" it didn't do a lot more damage to the car than it did. Another plus, it's still drivable.

Thanks to everyone who has been hooking us up with friends, family, second cousins (once removed on their father's side), and other connections for housing potential in the Houston area. If we have to move down there it looks like we have a lot of options. Even with the suggestions we have gotten about some good and bad places to live have been helpful if we need to rent a place. (Though we still wonder what are you supposed to do in a hurricane? We keep hearing about them and the brochures in Houston we have seen say, "listen for details".) Our next challenge, if we have to move is what to do with our place here in "the springs". (see, that abbreviation saves me time) We could use some prayer for that. But, like the car and the medical study before that we don't believe God would provide us with some great connections in Houston and then leave us hanging half-way with the place here in Colorado. So we'll see what happens. (As usual)

Thanks team for the prayers and support.



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