Saturday, June 19

Before I hit the road (jack)

As of this writing my friend from CA is on the plane and headed this way to help us drive the 17ish hours to Houston. Some prayer items before we go, for both our trip as well as future chemo plans.

*Safe driving as we long haul it there and back. We're barely there 24 hours, if that before turning around and heading back.
*Doctor will be on time/ timely/ provide us with good information.
*I got a phone call yesterday from MD Anderson's business office saying that they sometimes have a hard time with my insurance company and drug trials. (Which I am trying to get into) They will sometimes deny payment for the drug. I'd REALLY like to avoid this issue and would like prayer that they accept it without much pushing or prodding from us.
*That my cough, horse throat, slightly runny nose, and headache (yes still) go away soon. It's been a week now.

Some things to be thankful/praise God for:

*Friends who fly a quarter of the way across the country to help you drive across another quarter of the country, and back within a few days.
*Lisa has a job that lets her do this.
*We found a way to travel, that while potentially damaging to the sanity, saves us over 1000 dollars.
*We have a great house sitter who is readily available.
*We have been provided with a great support group (you all)
*I have two very good doctors (potentially moving to three) who are helping me to beat this stuff.
*I have a great supportive wife.

Now to go finish us some stuff before we go. Thanks team.


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  1. Praying for u a ton! Praying for the trip, the coverage, and the trial. Excited to hear more as u start the new approach. Love u guys and safe travels.

    P.s. Also arm punching with affectionate regularity. Much love there. :)


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