Wednesday, May 26


As I am sure you are are aware my updates have been few and far between as we late. This has been for several reasons: 1. Since finishing chemo last week I have been going back to the hospital for "maintenance" every day. Which of course leaves me pretty worn out. 2. My mom came into town last Wednesday and has been here since then. She has since extended her stay to Saturday in order to help take care of me as I have not been doing well.

I would really appreciate your prayers for my healing/ recovery from last week's chemo. I have been pretty super fatigued as well, and today I've done a good bit of throwing up, and so I haven't really eaten anything very solid. I would also ask that we continue to keep Houston in our prayers as we request weeks off from our specialist so we can visit Seattle.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.



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