Tuesday, May 11


I don't have any kind of specific topic to write about tonight. I do feel like saying though that if you typically read my stuff on Facebook that they have been publishing my RSS feed anywhere from six to more than twenty-four hours after I write them. As always you can simply check out the website itself (802heaven.com) or subscribe to the real RSS feed (on the site) so you can get the most up-to-date things I post. If you don't mind the waiting that is. I hate waiting to read what I wrote... drives me crazy.

Had a guy come over today and look at our walls to see if we had little rodent friends. (I had been hearing something that sounded a lot like squeaking in the wall) I was informed that the wall I was hearing the sounds from was an external wall (I thought it was shared) and it could very well be birds nesting up under the eaves. Oh... ok. I'll take that over rodents. As the guy was leaving he saw my sword collection and we proceeded to talk swords for five or so minutes. It never really fails to amaze me sometimes the people that will comment on things sometimes. (Like the number of people who know what an Eclectus Parrot are surprises me.)

Doctor's appointment tomorrow. Another poke and tell I would assume. But it's always good to have a checkup with the doctor in case there is anything I need to have covered and/or looked at. (Is it normal to have so many scars on my abdomen? Only when we've poked into your abdomen as much as we have. Oh.)

IN case you've missed it, Lisa and I are going to be driving down to Houston the next time we go. I have been very excitedly putting the trip together. As I am sure most of you know, flying does not necessarily make a "vacation" for me. I like to see things and driving is an excellent way to see things. If we had a decent train system in this country I would go that route. (Case in point: to get from here to Houston you have to go though Chicago first. Yep, look on a map, they aren't anywhere near each other.) I won't get started on how great a train system would be. (But some of those new trains go about half the speed of a plain, how crazy would that be to go from Denver to Houston in less than 6 hours? I would be all over that.)

I have been wishing more of late that I could draw. I can't. Not too sure where to start on that.

Anyway, thanks for the prayers and support as of late. I appreciate it.


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  1. Sorry, but you're wrong. All my kids are artists and I remember giving birth to you. Maybe you just haven't found your medium yet. (or your small or XL)


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