Monday, May 24

Road trip tips

Hey folks, I have been more than a little under the weather the past few days (still haven't see lost yet). As we are are looking to make the trek to houston I was curious about what you road-trippers in the audence have learned from long trips across this great country of ours.

So what do you have? Things to bring, things not to bring, best times to drive, you know, stuff like that. Tips for finding good places to eat and then places we might want to consider avoiding.

Your turn to weigh in on Morrell's vacation.


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  1. Elliott8:33 AM

    I like to leave early in the morning (5 or 6am). That way I arrive earlier in the evening or afternoon and have time to relax that night. I usually have a road map of each state in the car, too, in case I decide to take a detour. You can find a book of all the state road maps at Barnes & Noble or Borders.


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