Monday, May 10

The End

Hey Team,
I feel like I have been battling some misconceptions as of late about me so I thought I would put it down here. There is no schedule or long term plan for my chemo. There is literally no end in sight. I don't have plans for Radiation or Surgery after 2 more of these, or a couple more rounds. The plan from the specialist in Houston is to essentially "go until the chemo stops working." Which means it is growing, instead of being stable or shrinking. So until that point, I am going to keep doing chemo. And at this point there is no end point for me. Frustrating? Yes, it is, but of course the longer they can keep me alive the better the odds are that they will have some kind of drug designed to knock out my kind of cancer specifically.

So, what I need from you team, is the continued support and no, I don't have an end. If/When I do you will read about it here.



  1. Ben, I have no words for you. But I can and do pray.

  2. Hey Ben,

    I was one of the people unclear about the current state of things. Thank you for clearing that up. As always you have us and we will continue to fight for you with petition and prayer.

  3. Gary and Michelle Brown9:07 PM

    We're still praying for you...and admiring your courage and strength.


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