Wednesday, April 14

Wake up 2 pain

This morning, about 5am I woke up with a dull pain in my side. After about 15 minutes the dull pain went to full on pain, and I determined I was having another gall stone attack. I called the on call doctor and he said it should pass but if the pain gets worse I could come into the ER, or if I got a fever to go to the ER. Then he said to call the surgeon in the morning and setup an appointment to have my gall bladder removed.

So it looks like me and my gall bladder will soon be parted. Not sure when yet, they open in 2 hours, not sure how long the recovery will take (as it has to happen the "old fashioned" way as opposed to laproscopically (sp?)) and thus I will not know how long this will take me out of chemo.

The pain feels like getting punched in the side. It has that kind of pressure and the take your breath away feeling. Not fun.

I could really use some prayer. This is obviously something that God has decided needs to happen, I figure He has a better idea of what needs to happen in my life than I do, the timing on this just seems strange to me. (And the pain is definitely not easy to handle) Thanks.



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