Sunday, April 18

The Ride

I wanted to thank you all for your support these past few days as I had to undergo a little extra hospital time, and my 8th surgery. CrAzY... If someone had told me 10 years ago that 2 years before I reach 30 I would have gone through 8 surgeries, and at least 14 rounds of chemo (big number 15 is on the horizon!) I probably would have turned the other direction and run. (Not that that would have done me ANY good.) But here I am, not yet 30 and I've spent more time in a hospital than most people over the age of 60. I know I am stronger for it. I mean literally in this case if it didn't make me stronger it would kill me. (Which it seems very hard to be trying to do.)

But I wanted to thank all of you, weather you were around for the first time I hit the speed bumps in my life, or if you are relatively new to what is going on in my life. I appreciate it. Your support has helped carry me through a lot of this. Your petitions to God the Father on my behalf have granted me strength and wisdom.

Thank you. And can I ask that you not waver? Can I ask you to continue with me in this journey and continue the fight against the horror that grows inside me. This is 100% beatable but only by God. Scientifically they give me some significantly lower numbers, but while they are being used right now by God to heal me, there might come a time where I have to do something else that seems a little crazy to survive this. That is all God though. He's the great healer and we'll see what He wants from my life.

Thanks again for joining me. Here's to many more years of some amazing stories.



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