Saturday, April 17

More missing parts

Well, I am back home, and believe it or not, I get ANOTHER week off of chemo. I should be feeling all sorts of chipper come next week. The biggest pains I have been dealing with are actually shoulder pain (deferred pain from the abdomen) and what feels like a bruise on the top of my mouth. I either mashed my tongue against the roof of my mouth during the whole surgery, or they inserted a tube down my throat and it had to happen a bit more violently than they anticipated.

I got back home yesterday afternoon and I haven't taken any of the pain meds they gave me since I was in the recovery room right after surgery. It just doesn't hurt enough to justify feeling 1. dizzy all day or 2. sick AND dizzy all day. It honestly feels like I have run too long and have a stich in my side. (and five holes) I took some tylenol last night and I was able to sleep through the night. I would assume that helped with a little pain and the staying up almost all night while in the hospital helped with the rest.

The staff at the hospital this time around were all pretty amazing. Nice people very willing to help.

Not really too sure what I am going to be up to this week... but I would assume that "recover" will be a large part of it. (You know what they say, "Mo organs, mo problems".)



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