Saturday, April 3

Just mending

I have been semi quiet as of late, not sure what to say really. Just spending a lot of time laying around trying to regain my strength back. It's been hard as I not do a whole lot and try to find some kind of justification for my day. My mind hasn't really been focused enough to do much writing

Lisa passed her "professional exam" test thing. (CDT?) She celebrated this morning by taking her co-workers out to breakfast. I didn't go because it's a place I have been working to avoid. (Most breakfast places are either 1. based off of eggs or 2. based off of super sweet things. Both of which I can't do.) She had a good time though and had some good times with friends. That is one of my concerns is that I weight her down and she doesn't get to spend much/ any time with friends because she spends all her free time taking care of me. So I encourage her to get out when possible. (No reason for me to be the old ball and chain... =) )

Tomorrow is Easter and I am hoping to have enough energy to go to brunch with some friends. They have generously offered to take us out. It's been a while since I have been out of the house (not my record breaking 8 days mind you) but 4 or 5 days at least. I am hoping I can take them up on their offer and have a good time.

I have a pet scan next week, Tuesday morning, 6:30am. I guess it doesn't matter too much to me because all I have to do is lie there for an hour and twenty minutes. (While it sounds like large men with hammers pound on the steel tube I am in.) Then a meeting with the doctor on Friday afternoon. Not sure yet if I am going to get an extra week off this week, as I normally would because we would be going down to Houston, but we shall see. (We are doing a "remote" meeting with MD Anderson this time around so we don't have to go down there. (YES!))

We are also trying to find a time to head up to Seattle for a few weeks to see people. That would require almost a months reprieve from chemo, so we are seeing when might be a good time to do that.

Your prayers are appreciated as we continue down this road. Thanks for everything!



  1. As soon as you have dates for Seattle, add in a "lunch with IT" entry.

    Just getting my bid in early you know.

  2. uummmm my father and mom were together until last january my father died aged 80. and April 7 was his birthday which my family celebrated...I take care of my mom who is 79 years old.

    Health is wealth...

    if you reach is already a blessing...
    the lifespan now a day is short...

    God bless


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