Wednesday, April 14

Gall-y gee

Went to the ER, got some drugs and some education on/for the gall bladder issue. I'm back home now and feeling a lot better. (despite being a bit dizzy from the pain meds) I'm to be on a no fat/ very low fat diet until I have my gall bladder out.

Which appears to be tomorrow at some time. I have a meeting with the doctor at 10am and then I was told I would be having surgery after that. No real details on time etc etc but I was told that despite the fact that I was told (by the doctor himself) that I couldn't have the surgery done laproscopically (sp?) that he would be doing it that way tomorrow. With an option to do it "open" if need be. (Ooookay) The good news is that it's an outpatient procedure which means that it looks like I will be home tomorrow afternoon after the surgery, possibly Friday morning if he does it open and wants to keep me a little longer.

I have no idea what this means for me diet wise once I no longer have a gall bladder (aren't those there for a reason?) but I should be clear of the pain. I hope I can do fat again after this, I mean I'm under 130lbs I kind'a need to gain weight.

Thanks for the support. Please pray for my surgery tomorrow, and quick recovery, and wisdom for all the doctor's involved and the chemo plan. I don't know a whole lot right now so details are a little scarce. Thanks again.



  1. Just eat a low fat diet and eat constantly. I'm not kidding.

    Trying to plan on when I'll be coming back. Hopefully very soon.


  2. Poor Ben.
    My mom also had her gall-bladder out a few years ago. She is 5'4" and weighs 120lbs. But, after the surgery (and in the months post-op) she has been able to eat a lot more than she was before the surgery. Hopefully your body recovers just as nicely. Though, she still can't eat much garlic or a hefty amount of tomatoes...


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