Monday, April 26

From others

I head off to the hospital to start chemo again here in less than an hour. I have mixed feelings. I am doing something, but at the same time I feel like this is waiting for something to happen. This will be my seventh round of this type of chemo. I did seven rounds of chemo the last time and then I had a while off, and then they did surgery on me, and then I had radiation. The aim of this time around seems to be to go with this type of chemo until it no longer works, and then we'll see what happens. I'll be starting round 8, or 15 total, this morning and there isn't an end in site. I am waiting for something to happen.

This morning, via Facebook, I saw a post that an ex-pastor from our church in Bellevue posted: More than Expected.

I think it conveys kind of what I am in the middle of.

I thank you for your prayers and support. I had an excellent weekend, and it did a lot to bolster my spirits. Thank you.



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