Tuesday, March 30

Slightly yellowed comic pages

Cigarettes? Nope, never tried, never picked up the habit. Expensive and they make things smell bad. Coffee rings around papers? No, never found a draw to that addition either. But I've never been one for hot drinks. "Oooo! Tea!" is a phrase you'll seldom hear off my lips. I'm a cold drink drinker. Lemonades are great in Summer while they last, but then eventually dissolve into the powered mixture of sugar and "artificial lemon flavoring" (and a heavy dose of high fructose corn syrup). It's the real lemonade i'm ready for just about anytime, as well as fresh pressed cider. You can get that stuff so cold it'll almost freeze to your teeth. There's no way in trying it like that if you aren't going to try it the other way and heat it up with some cinnamon. Ok, the occasionally hot-drink slips through. Cranraspbery cocktail (non HCFS version) with a little cinnamon heated up. That'll take cold edge off.

I was thinking about drinks and vices because I have in fornt of mw two books on how to write comic books. I guess more than anything I am looking for how to communicate with an artist. I can write my story. Either in perfect script format, or prose, or whatever, that will make it feel like my artist isn't just the brush to my story. Most of my favorite online web comics that I have met over the past years are solo artists. They write, they draw, they laugh at their own jokes. As I don't really want to spend the time developing my artistic skills finding an artist to work along side me for this project is going to be crucial.

So I'm working on it. Maybe find something to occupy by time while I sit around and not do a whole bunch. (Recover)

Medical update: Since finishing chemo on Friday I have ended up in the infusion center every day (4) since then. I've been getting these migraines and abdominal cramping and other sorts of fun stuff. I really hope this is the last day in there for a while so I can start to enjoy some of this weather, energy and friends. (We have Easter plans on Sunday and I REALLY hope we don't have to miss them, they are with some of our closest friends since we moved to COS.) Then next week will be recovery, and then scans, and then more chemo. I need to be thankful for what I do have! Despite the set-backs in my health God continues to bless us richly.

SPEAKING of which: Do you want to do so something kind of fun? (I got this idea from a friend of mine) I have a lot of free time. If you want to take a first step in sending me a letter I will send one back. (And so on and so fourth) I've got the time. Give it a shot if you like! If you don't have my address already you can either look it up on Facebook (only friends can see it) or drop me an email ben dot morrell at g mail dot com and I will send you the address. Thought this might be interesting. Who's game, don't be shy!



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