Tuesday, March 2

Sleeping Alone (plus God story)

Well, there is an advantage to having another bedroom with a bed in it, other than letting guests stay there the 1/3rd (or less) of the year they are here. Sleeping here when Lisa is sick and I am trying desperately not to get what she has. I guess you can say we're having marriage troubles of the medical variety. She's sick and I don't want to be. So I am trying out the bamboo sheets for the first time. (Yes, sheets made from actual bamboo!) These things are soft! (Much nicer than the couch, which has started to give me back problems I think)

Today in chemo was BORING. I was thinking I would be much more out of it and well I wasn't. I watched at least 4 hours of TV and was honestly ready to tear my eyes out by the end of it. Tomorrow I bring the backpack of entertainment with me. There will be things to read, there will be ways to write ideas down, I can play video games!

A few days ago I mentioned looking for projects to keep me busy. (Other than increasing my Netflix movie list, and XBox 360 gamerscore) I have decided to more seriously dive into the sci-fi I have always thought about writing and see what it would take to write some semi-short (you know, the stuff you can sell to magazines?) sci-fi that is inspired by my favorites such as Bradbury, Kress, and other time honored Sci-fi writers.

In truth I am starting with something I think I can handle. I have a story in my head (Lisa and Beth have both seen some of it) that I don't think I am quite ready to tell yet. It's like wine in my head and hasn't aged enough yet. I expect, Lord willing and I live long enough, that it could be my "Magnum Opus", and I don't really want to tell it until I feel like I can tell it without regrets. Movie's might get "reboots" but books seldom (coughEndersShadowcough) do.

Medically the port is still hurting, which makes my shoulder and back and neck hurt as well. Too many muscles supporting muscles I think. (Them installing it almost over the old groshong spot (complete with bruises) didn't help at all I imagine.) It's getting better though. Thanks for the prayers. Also a word on Lisa's comment about me preferring surgery to a plane flight. Yes this is a true statement. I can't think of too much defense for that other than, "Yeah but I can sleep through surgery! ... and I'm not going to fall 30k feet." (Unless I had some strange dream while under that I spent the WHOLE time falling and couldn't wake up...)

Oh! God story this evening. Lisa emailed me and told me she was sick, but could stay at work until I was done. I then got a call from a work-friend, who said he could pick me up. I agreed, and that let Lisa go home and sleep all afternoon. When I got home I found myself watching a food show and wondering what I was going to eat for dinner. (I was thinking it was going to come out of a can) I then fell asleep and was awaken from sleepy-land by noisy parrot. Shortly after scowling at the bird for a while I got a phone call from another co-worker. She had prepared dinner and was heading over with it. Dinner would not be from a can tonight! We were blessed with a meal and I didn't have to bother Lisa in her grogginess to suggest things for dinner. So thank you very much wonderful person from work. You have blessed us with God's timing on your dinner! (And still leftovers for lunch!)

So yes, that last paragraph did confirm a fact. Lisa is sick and has been sleeping most of the day. She needs prayer that she can get some good rest, not stress out about work, and recover well. The flip side being that I don't catch whatever it is (why I am sleeping alone) and that the chemo this week continues to do good in my body.

Now to bed. Thanks for the prayers and support!



  1. So glad to hear you had a good meal last night. (and sleep)And sorry to hear that Lisa is sick. Will be praying for a quick recovery and that no germs come your way!

  2. I love that bed--it's very comfy and the room it's in is so beautiful. Quite restful.


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