Monday, March 15

Out and potentially about

My friend Wes wrapped up his visit this afternoon and is headed back to the Stanford area where he can get back to his wife and the research that propels him towards his PHd. (Post Hold Digger (we learned that is what PHd stands for this weekend)) We didn't do a whole lot played some Nintendo DS, watched Firefly, laughed at/ poked the parrot, chatted. I think it was a pretty good "not do a whole lot" time. I was of course not really all that interested in running all over the place, for energy reasons, so it worked out well.

This week is supposed to be fairly warm and so I am looking forward to getting a chance to break out the BBQ for maybe the first time in a while. It is of course recovery week when I am feeling my best. (you know, the week before they pump me full of chemo again. =) ) I am excited to be able to do some things (BBQing?) and be fairly conscious about them while I am doing them!

Speaking of BBQing, I probably should have realized this earlier, being the amateur chef I claim to be occasionally, but lamb is expensive! I was thinking leg of lamb (bone in) would be pretty great on a slow cooked BBQ with some rosemary and garlic, and I was more than a little surprised at the prices I was finding. Guess I'll have to save up for that one... or maybe just buy a whole lamb. Tis the right time of year. Maybe I'll check local butcher shops when I am more serious about that.

Thanks for the continued support and prayers as I continue to battle my way through this. I know I'm not alone. (Not only is God with me, but I have you, my team, to back me up.)

We'll see what I can't get into this week.



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