Friday, March 12

He's got potential!

After shuffling around the house all day in socks the static buildup tends to be large. Today however is the first time I have ever reached out for something and seen an inch and a half spark (blue, complete with fork) leap from my finger to the thing I was about to touch. Make a loud pop sound and I decided to stop touching things.

My friend Wes is over from Cali for an extended weekend. We started the day with a breakfast and a little chat, then some xbox, then some DS, then made BLT sandwiches for lunch, then it was more DS and a movie before dinner.

It's been good hanging out, I really don't know that I have the energy for it, but hopefully that means I will sleep well tomorrow.

Thanks for the continued prayer support. I've been realizing lately how much people interaction means to me these days. Wes being here, even though I feel fairly sore I really want to hang out. Hey, even the infusion center is a place I don't mind going so much because the nurses there are all so nice. My dad called the other night and we talked for almost/ at least an hour. My introversion might be starting to come to a point where I need to break it up a bit more. (8 days straight inside without talking to to many people is probably a bit much.)

(Question: why does my hair fall out so easily, but it still hurts like crazy when I pull a bandade off?)

(Question 2: Did you catch the pun in the title!?)

I'm going to bed before this gets crazy. Thanks everyone!


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  1. I wouldn't have caught the pun unless you mentioned it... I've never read a pun quite so... shocking.

    :) :) Get it? Shocking? :) oh never mind


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