Thursday, February 4

I can tell there's a problem

I don't know if sometimes doctor's just think their patients are complete pansies and can't tolerate a little pain or what. Yesterday Every time I laid back in bed my heart would start beating massively fast and it would hurt like crazy. (On top of the already crazy pain I had going on) This morning was the same situation. None of my limbs were going numb or any other heart attack symptoms so I wasn't too concerned other than the pain it was generating.

This afternoon I went into the infusion center to get some blood work done and waited at least 2 hours for results. At first the doctor said, everything looks fine. (I even had an EKG) The nurse came back and told me the doctor said everything looks normal but she could give me some pain killer before I left. I took her up on the option and 10 minutes later she comes back and says, "I called the doctor again and he realized he was looking at last weekend's blood work, not todays. Change in plans, you are critically low on potassium and magnesium. Which would explain why your heart is freaking out."

So they infused me with some of both and told me to come back tomorrow for some more. Pain problem solved. Funny, I thought there was something wrong with me. I try not to make this stuff up.

Thanks for the support the past couple of days as I have dealt with this pain. I am sure that it was your prayers that helped me not "fall through the crack" with the bloodwork mix-up, and was able to get a solution started tonight.




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