Tuesday, February 16

Houston, trip the third

Well, we got "there" part down with literally no problems (praise the Lord for that and all who were praying!) I have scans this afternoon, and we see the doctor tomorrow afternoon as well. (Memo to me: bring tent and sleeping bag.)

Then Thursday it's home again and Friday it's another doctor appointment. Then most likely a wonderful weekend and then another week of life draining chemo. (Wooooo)

I am tired. I woke up last night and couldn't figure out where I was. Really confused until I figured out I was in a hotel room. I could do without that experience again.

No lunch for me today as I wait for my pet scan this evening.

By the by Ryan was the last visitor we had booked. Our schedule is now free until... well for a long time (Lord willing) we don't know though our extended chemo or Houston schedule. (We are hoping to cut down on these trips with pet scans in the COS area and possibly phone interactions with the doctor. I mean what is all the point of this technology if not to make life easier?) But if you are interested in staying with us we'd love to talk about it. (Hint: last summer it was cooler here than in Seattle and everything turns green here in the summer, AND if it gets too warm you can head into the mountains where it is 10-15 degrees cooler!)

Enough with the hard-sell. (Don't make me start cold calling my friends on Facebook)


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  1. I'm having the early tuggings of wanting to come back there in March. I need to find out how much vacation I have, though, before anything can be decided.

    By the way, I got an email that Frontier is having a sale that ends Feb. 24th. Travel has to be completed by June 6 or 9 or something like that. This would be a great opportunity for visitors to grab a deal!

    Praying for you guys!



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