Monday, February 8

Happy Blothday

I just wanted to celebrate two things here on the blog: First of all the blog is 8 years old as of February 6th. Also my last post was my 1900th post.

I was also informed just recently that Google is changing the way that Blogger works a bit, so I am going to have to move my blog to a new location. At this point I think I am also going to pick a new name as well. Any name suggestions?

Today is my 8th day out from chemo and I am feeling a little more lively this morning. I had a conversation this morning with a nurse as part of some "complex care" benefit from my health insurance. She hooked me up with a dietitian who I will be talking to tomorrow and see if I can't do something to gain some weight AND stay healthy.

My good friend Ryan comes on Thursday for the weekend. Not too sure what we'll do, but I'm sure we can come up with something.

Thanks for the continued support and prayers.



  1. Hooray for a dietician!!!!!!!!! This is a direct answer to prayer!

  2. so what are the blogspot changes? link?


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