Sunday, February 14

Dark night follows bright day

I envisioned that after the day I had yesterday that sleeping last night wouldn't have been a problem. It was. The first thing that I had problems with were dreams that made me worried. On top of that the wind kept me awake and/or in a very light sleep. I am about as tired now as when I went to bed, but when I go to sleep I have dreams I don't like, so I thought some "awake time" would probably be good.

Yesterday was great though. In the morning Ryan and I had breakfast (Lisa went to her class) and then Ryan and I went to the Zoo. I (surprisingly) made it through the "normal" loop we do of the Zoo here in COS. (Avoid the kids section, and hit the cool stuff.) Not sure how "far" it is mileage wise, but it is very uphill for a good chunk of it. Being as cold as it was a lot of the animals were somewhere else for the cold winter months.

After the tour de Zoo, we drove up the the "Sun Shrine" which is a good couple hundred feet(???) up the mountain where we got an even higher view of COS and surrounding area. Then we drove back home, making sure to head through the Broadmor area and gawk at several of the insanely large houses. (Seattle folks: It's the Mercer Island of COS... only some of the houses are a lot older.)

After resting for a bit we headed out to one of my favorite places to eat, Amanda's Fonda. Some of the tasty-est Mexican/TexMex food in the area. (In my humble opinion) It was pretty busy, and the wait was supposedly 30+ minutes, but we were seated in 15.

Following dinner we watched a movie, and then I was feeling insanely tired (considering I hadn't been out of the house in eight days until yesterday I found the fact that I had energy AFTER dinner to be a surprise.) and thought I would sleep well. So, see what I mean? Great day.

Also, I updated our care calendar (details at the link) if any of you are interested in helping with a meal or moving me around in a semi-drugged out state (I may even forget it even happened! But that doesn't mean I'm not very grateful for your help!) please check it out and sign up. Thanks!



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