Sunday, January 3

Stonehaven Part 2 (and health update)

Breakfast was good! They didn't build a meal around eggs. They did have a portion though that MADE me wish I could eat eggs. It looked like something that would really help pack on the pounds, but it wasn't going to be something that I suffered the stomach ache for. Besides that we had waffles! Good stuff!

We had a great time at Stonehaven and will probably go back.

Tomorrow I start chemo again. 10am MST. (9am for you on the PST) I could use some prayer because UNLIKE last time I am getting more and more problems with pain the further I get away from chemo. Strange random sharp pains in my chest (doc said something about it being related to cancer death), but it's strong enough to wake me up at any time of the night. I also am having pain on the back of my thighs (I've been scanned multiple times in that region and there is nothing there.) The pain seems to be displacement or phantom pain, which I guess is possible being as my heart doesn't really have feeling so anything it was experiencing could be displaced to other parts of my body. (Which is why you get arm pain when having a heart attack, same idea.) That is kind of strange. I also have been having problems with my left knee giving out sometimes as well.

There's all my pain issues for you. I would appreciate prayer about them if you remember. I'm not looking forward to being sick. OH! Something else to pray about: MD Anderson is being a little frustrating when it comes to scheduling my next appointment. They want me there before the end of January and when we were there last they said we could do middle of February (after 3 treatments) instead. It costs a lot more when you have to make reservations as close as we are. It's a crazy busy place.

Thank you for your support and prayers.



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