Saturday, January 2

Stonehaven Part 1

We haven't even had breakfast yet and this BnB is maybe one of the best I have ever been too. (Not as I have been to a LOT of BnBs per se, but we have been to a few) The other two guests set out to go find food/ entertainment for the evening in Cripple Creek (having tried to do that in the past we wished them luck) and we had brought some food to eat here and just relax for the evening. As we were settling in a knock came on our door and the owner asked if we would be interested in sharing a pizza with them. I of course have a very difficult time turning down pizza, ever, so we said yes and also added some carrots, bread, and spinach artichoke dip I had thrown together as well. We sat together and talked about missions and then cancer over food for well over an hour. It was like having dinner with a set of grandparents. We had a great time with them and had a more sociable evening than we would have expected. (And I got pizza)

Tomorrow is breakfast and so far this bed feels pretty great as well. Tomorrow we're attempting to make it to church and then we're having some folks over in the evening for dinner. We're making lasagna completely from scratch. (Even the noodles) I am willing to bet it'll be pretty good. I really miss cooking when I am sick. Or maybe it's the desire to cook that I miss. Anyway, it's exciting and I look forward to doing it tomorrow.



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