Saturday, January 16


The past few days have seen improvement in my condition, but I feel like when I say that it's like saying that summer is on its way, or the sun came up this morning. It seems inevitable as long as I am still alive, but at the same time while the summer comes so does winter and the sun does go down again. So while I am feeling better now lets just wait until they stat pumping more drugs into me. (The "how about we finish in the fall?"-ness of the situation is frustrating as well.) I should probably stop dwelling on the time and what it does to me of the situation as it really doesn't do anything other than add words to this blog.

As I have been getting better I've been reading (books) a bit more. Lisa got me a book titled, "The Best Food Writing of 2009". From the first part of the book I am in it seems like one of several things: 1. There either aren't a lot of food writers, 2. To be the "best" all you have to do is use some strange very obscure pop-culture references, or a handful of French phrases, and/ or 3. Complain about something. I've been through the first few "bests" and they are ALL complaining about something. While I have agreed with one of them, the others all just come across as elitists that I could really care less about their opinion.

Now, I have some "Best Travel Writing of 200X" that has some FANTASTIC food writing in it. Stuff that paints of picture of hot summer Sunday's in Spain in some village with tons of food and you can just taste the food and the laziness that follows. Or the quality of beef in Argentina. Amazing stuff. Maybe it doesn't speak so much as to the quality of the writing, as to the quality of the editor.

Anyway, I guess I can learn from just about anything. If I want to work on being a travel/ food writer at some point I can learn from even made examples.

Kate and Nate are here this weekend. They have been going out with Lisa and having a good time around the springs. It's been nice having people here.



  1. Steve Ercolini3:51 PM

    If you do not already know about Orangette I recommend her blog & book!

  2. Hey Ben! Thanks for another update - praying for you, bro!

    Thank you for sending me a link to Steve's blog. It seemed like that post was just what I needed that day, and I wanted to make sure to thank you for it!


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